Our history

Villa Alberti

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A fascinating historical atmosphere

Our history

Villa Alberti Portofino Land****

Historical building of the ‘30s, built at first as private Villa, it became an elegant hotel in 2021, thank to an accurate architectural renewal, offering to the guests its fascinating historical atmosphere.
In 1930 the Cavallini Family and Dr. Alberti commissioned the construction of the building, which hosted the private house of the Cavallini family on the upper floors and the private clinic of Dr. Alberti on the ground floor.
Well known in Santa Margherita Ligure thank to his skillness and generosity, Dr. Alberti has left an unforgettable positive mark in all his fellow citizens’ heart.
The Villa impresses for its particular architectural style, unique in this area.

The building as an octagonal plan and two parts sited symmetrically on each side; the main entrance is on the central corner and the building has 3 floors, with stone walls and concrete attics, graniglia and wooden floors.
Inside the Villa has maintained its original style along the years and outside a private garden surrounds the villa.

Villa Alberti is a typical example of the traditional architecture of the 30s. The Villa is run by a local family: their great passion for hospitality, together with the will of protecting, maintaining and enhancing the richness of the hospitality traditions, leaded them to the decision of rebuilding the Villa and join the hospitality and hotellerie scenery in Santa Margherita Ligure, with a particular care for luxurious aspects.